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Let's Make India a Better Place for Teenagers.

You (teenagers) are the future of India. You are energetic, rebellious, full of life but they don't get it. They call you arrogant, indisciplined and what not. This gotta change, right? Nobody else gonna do it for you. You got to be part of the solution.
We, Teen Pep Talk is India's First and Only Teenager Community. Here you can Ask, Answer, Help, Discuss, Debate, Express, Showcase. What are you waiting for then?

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I am class 8 and a few of my classmates and seniors from class 9th and 10th tease me daily. nowadays they start heading me on the head too. When I told this to my parent they scold me, they ...Read more

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54.55%Yes ( 6 voters )
36.36%No ( 4 voters )
9.09%What is Bullying, never heard of it. ( 1 voter )
Based On 11 Votes

Some call it bullying and some call it ragging. Some rowdy students from school or from outside tease, mock, hit kids. Are you one of them? Does anyone hit you, tease you? Do he/she call you names? You can share your ...Read more